Snow Fall - Test Renders


First test render of the very early cockpit (May 26th 2002)

A Poser object as a place holder for the pilot (June 9th 2002)

One of the first finished objects, the joystick (July 20th 2002)

Test render of the cockpit (January 12th 2003)

Docking hatch of the ship (March 3rd 2003)

The finished pilot's seat (March 22nd 2003)

Cockpit area around the joystick (March 28th 2003)

Cockpit display screen test (May 11th 2003)

Animations (right-click and select "Save Target as...")

First test of the ship flyby (March 2nd 2003, 640x360 DivX AVI, 758kb)
Flyby test with a spinning and textured ship (March 11th 2003, 640x360 DivX AVI, 838kb)
Lighting test of the cockpit display screens (March 26th 2003, 640x360 DivX AVI, 102kb)
Hand pose test (March 29th 2003, 640x360, 62kb)

Pilot animation test (April 20th 2003, 640x360, 242kb)
Radiosity lighting test of a stripped-down cabin (May 5th 2003, 640x360, 1762kb)
The first lip sync clip! (October 6th 2003, 640x360, 420kb)
Ship thruster steering test (February 8th 2004, 640x360, 1194kb)

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