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High Quality DivX AVI Low Quality DivX AVI PAL Standard VCD MPG
FileName SF-Tsr-HQ.avi SF-Tsr-LQ.avi SF-Tsr.mpg
FileSize 5.6MB 1.9MB 7.1MB
Runtime 41 seconds 41 seconds 41 seconds
Resolution 640x360 480x270 352x288 (letterbox)
FrameRate 25fps 25fps 25fps
Video DivX 5.05 multi-pass 1000kbps DivX 5.05 multi-pass 300kbps MPEG-1 1150kbps
Audio MP3 stereo 128kbps MP3 stereo 64kbps MPEG-1 Layer-2 224kbps
Note The recommended file, best quality with reasonable file size Only for bandwidth-limited users, very poor quality Fallback version if you can not play DivX content. Large file with a small resolution and only average quality

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