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November 2nd, 2014

A few weeks ago I found an old backup disk full of rendered frames and scene files for Snow Fall. This project had been on a hiatus since the beginning of 2009, when I began my LineWarsDS and then later that year the DSx86 x86 emulator projects. However, after finding those scene files, I decided to remind myself how far along I had gotten with Snow Fall, and to see if I would again get interested in continuing it. I worked on improving a couple of animated scenes, and then realized that my quad-core machine from 2008 is already a bit outdated, so I purchased a new 4.0GHz Intel i7 machine. It seems to be over three times faster than my old quad-core machine.

Until now I have been using my old Cinema 4D version R8, but I have been having a couple of issues with the Snow Fall "outdoor" scenes (the tumbling spaceship in space) in the R8 version. The hard shadow edges are not very smooth, and there are also issues with the "Vertical Streak" lens effect. I noticed that Maxon has released a new version of Cinema 4D almost every year, so I tested with the R16 demo version how it handles those scenes. There were no issues with the hard shadows and the lens effect, so last week I decided to upgrade my R8 to Cinema 4D R16. I am currently in the process of porting my scenes over to the new version. I will probably not port all of my scenes over, but at least the outdoor space scenes need porting.

My old outdoor scene from R8 looks reasonably similar to how it looked in R8, but there are some differences I have noticed so far:

I also decided to upgrade my final movie resolution from 1280x720 to the full HD 1920x1080. This means I will need to re-render everything, but with my new faster machine it will not take an insane amount of time. Besides, re-rendering everything gives me a chance to fix all the minor issues and annoyances I have noticed in the scenes I have already rendered.

July 2008

Yet another summer vacation spent working on Snow Fall. In the spring I had purchased a new quad-core PC, so rendering the scenes went much faster than before. I also animated a couple of new scenes, so now there is almost 2 minutes of material already animated. I estimate the finished movie to be somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes long, so still a lot of work to do.

July 2007

Okay, I decided to get back to working on Snow Fall during my summer vacation. I animated a couple of new lipsync scenes.

April 2006

After almost two years of not working on this project, I returned to working on it. In the mean time I had realized that my original plan of rendering the final movie to 640x360 resolution would not look very good on modern display devices, so I decided to re-render everything to 1280x720 resolution. Rendering the full ship flyby scene took 3 months and 4 days to render! This scene needed 25x scene motion blur to look the way I wanted it to look.

After I had created some new scenes and animated them, I realized that the ship flyby scene I had just spent over 3 months to render might not actually fit into my final movie at all! This was pretty frustrating to realize at this point, so I decided to focus on creating some storyboards first, but then slowly lost interest in this project.

February 8th, 2004

I finally figured out a way to simulate the rotation of the ship when the pilot tries to control it with the attitude control thrusters! It was actually quite simple after I figured out a proper way to use the Dynamics module. You can check out the test animation from the test renders page.

The project is progressing slowly, only about 20 seconds of the final movie have been rendered. I am in the process of animating a 40-second clip that will be the intro for the movie.

October 6th, 2003

I just got my first ever lip sync clip rendered! It is downloadable from the test renders page. It is only 5 seconds in length and is nothing special, but it is a big step in this project of mine. It took three weekends to animate, and about 30000 "CineBenchHours" to render.

August 22nd, 2003

The teaser is released (see the Download page)! I created threads on the CGTalk, 3D Gladiators and StarWreck (in Finnish) forums about the teaser, and the teaser was well received all around! Nice!

August 20th, 2003

I sent queries about the music to 4 composers, got a reply from three, two of whom were interested in the project. Eventually I chose the music by Chris Holm for the teaser, which is now almost ready. I am in the process of setting up my web site on the new web host, after which I'll release the teaser!

July 25th, 2003

I am looking for composers willing to create original music for Snow Fall. I searched in for musicians who create film music similar in style to Hans Zimmer. I found a few possible composers and sent them email to query their interest in working on Snow Fall.

July 24th, 2003

All animation clips for the teaser have been rendered! The teaser would be ready for release, except that it uses Hans Zimmer's music without permission. I'll need to find legal music for it before I can release it.

July 5th, 2003

I started working on a teaser for Snow Fall. I have a couple of animation clips that suit the teaser already rendered, but I need to render a couple more. I'll use an excerpt from "The Rock" soundtrack by Hans Zimmer so that I can test the rhythm and editing of the teaser.

June 28th, 2003

I am somewhat stuck with the damaged space ship model, so I decided to create WIP threads both on the CGTalk and on the 3D Gladiators forums, hoping that this would give me ideas and motivation to keep working on the ship.

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